Downtown Design - Dubai - 2017

Rubinetterie F.lli Frattini al Downtown Design - Dubai - 2017

Saremo presenti alla fiera Downtown Design, dal 14 al 17 Novembre 2017 presso Dubai.


Dubai Design Week is an annual event held to celebrate and promote design and creativity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The first Dubai Design Week took place in 2015, and is held every November at venues across the city, with the hub location of Dubai Design District. With a programme of over 250 free-to-attend exhibitions, talks, workshops, the 2018 festival attracted over 75,000 visitors and as such it is considered the largest creative festival in the Middle East. Providing a meeting point for the global design community, Dubai Design Week represents the region's design talent while engaging with the growing design and creative community in Dubai and the UAE. More information is available on the Dubai Design Week Website and social media channels including Instagram and Facebook.


Dubai Design Week is run by the Art Dubai Group and was founded under the patronage of Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in association with Dubai Design District. It is supported by Audi Middle East and has Dubai Culture and Arts Authority as a strategic partner and is one of a series of initiatives aimed at developing design and innovation in Dubai by fostering a creative environment.
The six-day event showcases a wide variety of design skills and disciplines including: architecture, product and furniture design, interior design, jewelry, industrial design, service design, technology culture, art, and more.[3] and the programme includes content from over 100 partner organisations.
Dubai Design District (d3) provides the main hub for Dubai Design Week, staging activity and events for a wide variety of visitors; from design and architecture professionals through to a dedicated children's programme during the festival's weekend.

Downtown Design

Downtown Design is the only trade show in the Middle East for design professionals, showcasing a variety of commercial designs from various industries. It was originally launched prior to the Dubai Design Week but was then added as one of the events during the weekly event.

Global Grad Show

Global Grad Show is an event held at the Dubai Design Week every year. It is a showcase of projects from students in top design universities around the world, such as the Royal College of Arts, Keio University and KAIST. The projects are curated based on unique and interesting experiences that range from ultra-technical to incredibly simple.


Abwab translates as ‘doors' in Arabic. It is Dubai Design Week's key event for highlighting regional design talent from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.
The annually remodeled exhibition acts as a snapshot of design activity in the region with a purpose to promote design talent and stimulate information exchange. A total of 171 designers have participated in Abwab from 2015 to 2018.

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