New series Narciso and Narciso S are coming

Two series, innumerable colours combinations.

To be innovative is a choice. With the new F.lli Frattini collections, Narciso and Narciso S is a chromatic choice, allowing the occasion to customize the product to make it unique. Various combination thanks to two levers, 52 articles, 8 finishing and 11 variety of colours.

Narciso and Narciso S, available from September, are the new single-lever mixer series of the historical Italian taps manufacturing company F.lli Frattini: they mark a very important step toward a production focused on design and innovation. Born from the hand of the architect Paolo Bertarelli and the technical staff inside the company, they are the result of an attentive project path that wanted to prize aesthetics and functionality of the tap, offering a wide choice both contemporary and creative of materials and finishing combinations.

Narciso, the origin of the myth

"Every time (...) that I kiss the clear wave, every time it reaches out to me, offering its mouth. You would say it can be touched; it is a nothing that is opposed to our love. Whoever you are, come out! Why are you deluding me, only child in the world? Where do you go while I want you? ”. From The Metamorphoses, Ovid.

Following the antique mythology, Narciso was the child of Cefiso and nymph Liriope. Unsensible to love, he doesn’t return the overwhelming passion of Eco, for which he was punished from goddess Nemesi who made him in love with his own image reflected in a source. He died consumed from an evanescent passion which transformed him in a flower.

Design taps: collection features

Characterized by an original hi-tech profile, Narciso and Narciso S are based on an elegant balance of shapes and spaces, marked by clear and severe geometries. Cutting-edge design and advanced technical solutions, combine a successful mix from the lever of the mixer to the various matches with materials and finishing for both levers and body mixer. Shining and polished is the chromed lever for the opening of the water, enriched from the graphic sign of the brand name: is the distinctive sign of the Narciso series. Light and comfortable modern and minimal this is the Narciso S handle, a cylinder to operate with two fingers or full hand.

Available complete collection for bathrooms and kitchens, Narciso and Narciso S offer an extraordinary wide collection. The series will be supplied with many variable and customizable combinations, ready for every installation needs: standard sized basin mixer as well as free standing models; one, two or three- way built-in shower boxes and a rich choice of shower heads cascade, rain jets for glamourous shower cabins.

Narciso and Narciso S offer two complete collection each of them made up of 26 products, with 2 type handles, 8 finishing and 11 colours. A complete project for the bathroom. The body of the mixer is unique while the traditional chromed lever can be replaced from a cylindric handle available in 11 different colours among a modern palette ranging from matt grey to white or black matt or the prestigious golden finishing, gold, rose gold and antique rose. Numerous matching with the body mixer available in the inox or more traditional chrome plated finishing. The possibility to build the tap with finishing and matching according to the single needs allows to customize the bathroom making it unique and exclusive.

Water saving

Narciso and Narciso S, as well as all the F.lli Frattini taps, are very attentive to water consumption. Basin and bidet mixers are supplied with a Ø25mm cartridge. The muffled and anti-limestone 6 lt./min aerator can generate a soft and delicate water jet granting a huge water saving.

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