System Box: new 2 and 3 way built-in boxes

The built-in shower mixer boxes family of Fratelli Frattini is widening

Along with the already known item 98011 (1 or 2 ways) launched last year, the items 98712 and 98013 for 2 and 3 ways are joining.

System Box is a technology born to ease the installer job: a built-in device to connect the tubes; it adjusts the functioning of a mixed system made up of the simple shower head (1 way) or shower head + shower trail (2 ways) or hand shower combined to a multiple functions rain and cascade shower head (3 ways). This is a new “brain” suitable to all the shower program of our brand.

A flexible solution to grant a completely free configuration of the shower ambiance as well the easy installation and maintenance.

Features of items 98712 and 98013

The items 98712 and 98013 are respectively a thermostatic and a mechanical mixers supplied with a diverter cartridge with high quality Flühs ceramic discs granting a soft and precise operation. As the item 98011 (1 and 2 ways), the choice of both is not connected to the finishing of the tap that can be decided later: is a different and enriched value respect to the previous items 98612 and 98012 out of production now.


News are not finished: the Fratelli Frattini collaborators are working to sort out new models arriving autumn 2021.

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